At Le Bistro, we offer a dining experience that’s sophisticated yet welcoming, gourmet without being overly formal. Our restaurant is a stylish space that is equally suited to professionals networking over a business lunch as well as families gathering for a lively Sunday feast.

At the heart of everything we do is a genuine love for good food, where every dish is beautifully presented and bursting with flavour. We’re also creative, giving classic staples exciting twists for hearty satisfaction.

Guided by our ethos, we find inspiration in the changing seasons, crafting menus that celebrate the unique ingredients and flavours each season brings. As delightful new dishes grace our tables in autumn, winter, spring, and summer, our aim is to continually surprise you and keep you coming back for more.


Mediterranean cuisine

We are passionate about the Mediterranean’s diverse culinary traditions. That’s why we seek to blend inspirations from different regions to create dishes that are truly Medlicious! Beyond our cuisine, the Mediterranean ethos fills our restaurant with warmth, ensuring diners always feel welcome when they step through our doors.


Every diner and dining experience is unique. That’s why at Le Bistro, we tailor your time with us according to your wishes. Whether it’s a romantic evening, a birthday celebration, or an exclusive private event, we make sure your distinct preferences are celebrated and that each visit unfolds as a unique and memorable encounter crafted just for you.


quality service

From the ingredients we source to our methods of cooking, our wine selection, the attentive service, and those special touches you’ll spot around our restaurant, we aim for quality that always surpasses expectations. This commitment is woven into every aspect of the Le Bistro experience.